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Plum's huge appetite.
After mom came home from the gym and showered I told her Plum was eating her sweaty laundry. She tried to pull it away from him, but Plum was stronger than mom. As mom was yelling for me to pull her out I took this picture instead. Now mom is in Plum's belly. He burped out her green thong later. I am keeping it as a token of her. Both Plum and I agree she was a good nom.

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Natasha2016-10-13 09.29.17 by nar-18

Natasha was lying on her bed as she studied the picture she had just taken of herself and posted on Instagram. Still clad in nothing but her green thong she felt satisfied with the result as comments and 'hearts' poured in, all confirming her appetizing figure. She put her phone away and closed her eyes. She then allowed a moment of relief as she with her one hand gently ran from her neck and down: it moved between her breasts as it for a moment stopped to circulate a hard nipple before it moved further. It felt cold over her ribs and stomach as it eventually reached the fabric of her thong. She felt herself further before the hand continued along the fabric to reach her back thigh. Natasha turned around as her hand - now joined by the other hand as well - fondled her buttocks as she arched her back and playfully kicked her legs. A soft sigh came from her as she bit her lips. A sly thought occurred: I am good enough to eat. She gently slapped her firm ass as a punctuation to "eat" and let out a giggle. Then her hand continued upwards to once again feel the fabric between her buttocks. She loved the soft texture it had. It was as soft as the rest of her. And she had herself and the whole afternoon all to herself before her boyfriend returned from the kindergarten with their daughter.
Still lost in thought she did not notice a blanket creeping near her. It had come from under her bed and had only moved closer to her side. It got almost to her before Natasha turned again to her back and away from the blanket's grasp. But she could not avoid it for long. 
As Natasha now moved one of her bare feet up her other smooth leg, she decided to "go for another ride" as she extended her arms out along the bed's fabric to return back to her blonde hair. While doing so her hand touched something strange. In a second she felt the unknown curl around her hand as if it grabbed it. Still in her haze she opened her eyes to see an unknown black blanket that oddly enough seemed to move closer as it spread out. Still confused she tried to pull her hand free, but only felt herself getting further beneath it. The black blanket moved to then cover her lower half body entirely. Not understanding what was happening, her other hand got caught beneath the blanket as it now seemed to extend upwards. "Wha--„ she muttered before the blanket covered her face. Slightly panicked she felt it move beneath her as it attempted to tighten its grip around her. Having moved around her feet, Natasha felt the blanket try to push them up so that she could be completely engulfed. Natasha muttered as her hands tried to push the blanket off. The blanket only tightened as she did this having her features be clear: her breasts were two nice bumps complementing her figure as her golden hair was also now starting to be "sucked" inside. She moved her arm down her body to find escape. While, her upper body had been completely swallowed up, she discovered that the blanket had not enough fabric to cover below her ass. Wanting freedom she managed to push her arm free as she grabbed the blanket from her face. She pulled it off as easy as it had taken her and wrestled herself free. Soon she had a tight grip using her thighs to trap it as she held it down with force. 
"Stupid„ she sneered at it. "I'm too big for you!„ The blanket was lifeless as she started folding it. Thoughts ran through her head: Was I imagining it or was that blanket trying to make me into pillow-stuffing? On her knees she bended over to the side of her bed to put the blanket back into the darkness below. As she did so she suddenly felt something else grabbing her hand, this time more firmly than before. Although still soft.
She pulled herself back with succeed and took her grabber with her as she landed on her back. While doing so, she caught a glimpse of what was still holding her hand: a white bedsheet, much bigger than the blanket from before. 
The sheet extended to cover Natasha along with the bed she was on. Quicker than the blanket it tightened itself to the bed, capturing Natasha beneath it like a succulent fish in a net. She kicked and trashed while the bed from the outside now appeared to have a curious lump inside of it. Having covered the bed with success, the sheet now curled away from the bed's sides to move back closer to this shaped lump it had successfully captured. Natasha was surprised at how easily the sheet now moved her with it. All those days Natasha had so far spend in the gym building and shaping every inch of her body felt for naught as the sheet with unknown power now moved beneath her to turn her around. She gasped at an sudden opening. She spat her arm through a sudden opening above her, only to feel her arm get trapped. "Let me go, you freak! You can't do this to mmmmmpph..!„ She felt - and heard - her arm being sucked back down inside as she helplessly screamed. She swore she right after heard a low groan somewhere, like when her boyfriend would satisfyingly complement her cooking after a great meal. After all those years as a cook Natasha had never predicted the irony of being valued as food herself. The sheet had with ease tied a bow on itself and thus trapped Natasha inside of it, like a lovely potato in a sack. Natasha rolled around and fought as much as she could. Did this thing just eat me? Still inside of this ball she searched for an escape. The former exit was no longer and option as it was completely tightened like a throat. "I am NOT ending like THIS!„ Natasha yelled from inside. "HELLO!? ANYBODY OUT THERE!? HEEEELP! I AM TRAPPED INSIDE THIS BAG!„ Inside the darkness, Natasha could feel the space disappearing as the "belly" got smaller. It pushed her legs up to make her a tight, little ball. A neat ball complemented by a green thong. Natasha could no longer move her arms. She gasped. What is this thing doing? Is it trying to choke me? Air was running short and Natasha could feel herself starting to hyperventilate. With only her hands still movable she grabbed a side of the glutton sheet firmly between her fingers and pulled it so hard as she could. And with all her power she had gained from those hours of crossfit she actually managed to tear a tiny hole. Seeing light from outside shining on her face and feeling fresh air, she quickly stuck two fingers through and got hold of the fabric. Natasha tore and ripped the hole bigger until it was big enough for her to stuff her head and shoulders through.
After having freed herself, Natasha, bathed in sweat, shuffled away from her opponent and to the furthest end of the bed. She studied the wrinkled sheet from before as she got her breathing under control. The sheet was lying lifeless with no shape, much like the blanket from before. She brushed her hair back and looked around the room for other possible dangerous predators. On all fours, Natasha moved to the sheet to feel it. It had no life. She once again doubted herself in what occurred. She sat again, feet stuck under her butt to assemble herself. She moved her hands through her hair again. But then she allowed the moment and her hands moved down over her breasts and down to her thong again. She readjusted it so it was once again as far up as on her picture. It gave her a feeling. She could still feel the panic, but it also felt exciting to her. Her body was glinseling in sweat and she looked down herself to behold. She felt fantastic, she admitted embarrassed. Maybe she was good enough to eat.
Calmed, Natasha took hold of the torn sheet and folded it together. She turned again to the same side of the bed from before. With caution, Natasha decided to this time look before grabbing anything. She could not help but feel curios as she looked below and into the darkness. "Anyone else who wants a piece?„ she said at nothing. She waited a minute for a respond, but none of the unused covers, bedsheets or pillow-cases moved. Not even the blanket. Natasha, with a surprising sense of disappointment, then continued to first grab what her boyfriend had bought back when he got the spontaneous idea that they should try to go backpacking: a big couples' sleeping bag.
She took the blanket and stuffed it inside and then reached around to take the sheet. She stuffed it inside but before retrieving her arm again she heard a weird growl. She stared at the sleeping bag with anticipation. Then, like before, her arm felt as if it was pulled. Natasha pulled back like before, but the sleeping bag was also very strong. She wrestled with it and with all her might pulled as much as she could with the little strength she had left. To her surprise, her arm now out of the sleeping bag's maw was wrapped in the white sheet. Stunned for a short second, another tongue whipped and quickly snapped onto her other arm: the sheet and blanket had both a tight grip on her, but this time it were as if they were an extension of the sleeping bag itself. And she could easily figure to where she was going. Head first. 
Still on the bed, Natasha's upper torso was swallowed up quickly. With only her lower body free she started kicking in protest. The bag leaned it's head back and pulled her with it. Her legs were easily lifted from the bed as she helplessly whimpered and now her legs were straight up in the air. Gifted with also yoga-classes, she spread her legs in an attempt to make it impossible for her to fit inside. But then the sheet and blanket returned as the two-split tongue. They curled from her stomach and downwards over her thong until they reached around her ass. Natasha whimpered from inside. The tongues felt wet from her sweat as they tasted her prize. "I'm not food„ protested Natasha while she felt her ass slipping inside like a pair of juicy meatballs. She tried to grab onto the fabric - what must have been a throat - in order to not fall further. Even if she still had some energy she could not have ripped the sleeping bag's fabric. Then still in her panic, another side of the sheet from inside snapped around her neck. Natasha became quiet and looked into the abyss below. It was completely dark, but also seemed warm. The tongue was still pushing her ass further down and she felt it licking her legs. However, her grip was still strong enough to have it prevent from pushing her further down. But Natasha was not strong enough to pull herself out. It was too late for her. She felt peace as she stared down into the darkness while still being upside down. Her boyfriend would have been proud of her talent as he had been before. But he was not here. Natasha was alone and when her grip would loosen she would loose her identity and then become a part of something else. She would be digested and her body would be gone. No traces of her would be anywhere. Natasha had been many things: fit thanks to her training, loved by her boyfriend, cook at her restaurant, mother to her daughter and also idolized on instagram. And while still being in the throat she was all of this as some of her was still not inside. But soon she would be reduced down into nothing. Despite her healthy lifestyle and fit body, Natasha realized she would be reduced to a burp and a lump of fat. This indignity clouded her mind and she realized she could choose to be submissive. And this concept, no longer to her own surprise excited her like nothing had before. And she accepted it. she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "No. I am food.„ She whispered in a soothing voice. She prepared to loosen her grip. "Take me„.
In that instant Natasha's feet fell down inside the opening of the sleeping bag, which quickly closed. It gulped down its meal and felt it moving inside. The blonde hair, the strong arms, the firm ass, the long legs, the soft skin and the fabric of the green thong. It felt her moving down until it was all gone into the stomach. The sleeping bag smacked its lips and licked them clean with its blanket-tongue. "Mmmmmmmmhhmmmmmh„ it moaned. It felt movement inside. From within it also heard moaning. This sounded pleading, yet enticing. This continued as the sleeping bag let go off a huge burp. What a meal.
Natasha's boyfriend and daughter returned an hour later. Her boyfriend felt confused as to where Natasha had gone to and also why their bedroom was such a mess. He noticed the sleeping bag next to the bed and noticed it was stuffed. Inside of it he found a torn sheet and a blanket. All three were oddly soaked in sweat. He noticed her phone on the floor and got worried. Why did she leave without her phone? Opening it up he saw the last picture Natasha had taken of herself. It was two hours old. Their daughter looked on the other side of the bed. "Are these mommies?„ she asked. He turned to her. In her hands she was holding a soaked green thong. 
Natasha Between the Blankets
A story I wrote for Natasha. An old fantasy of mine. Enjoy.
Thanks to TRM for making the best photo-series and thanks to Stormnorm for making the edits involving saliva, tongue and dialogue.


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